Facebook stories: another window for your day-to-day

Posted on Dec 08 2017

When Instagram added stories to its platform, we made our opinion clear. We were optimistic about Snapchat; but even it keeps growing and has many active users (mostly teenagers), we cannot deny it was deposed by Instagram.

At that time, we witnessed what could be considered a conceptual plagiarism, and we believed the stories issue would finish then. Surely, you did not imagine, neither did we, that ephemeral messaging would be so successful, and it would take possession of the apps we daily use, such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook.

Stories arrived to Whatsapp and now, they are in Facebook with more functions than in Instagram. Facebook stories are more like Snapchat. They added filters, stickers, effects, and masks with simple color change or more elaborate compositions.

Furthermore being a very funny function we all like to play with, what is the cause of the ephemeral messaging success? We believe the reason goes beyond fun and entertainment.

We all know, globalization has allow us to open and explore new panoramas, which we could not had imagined years ago. The immediacy and global nature of social networks allow us to be connected all over the world with no time or distance. This simplicity in the information access is an endless cycle, in which we consume contents posted by others, and at the same time, we post contents for others to consume.

Is not that, what we do when we share our day-to-day through Snapchat, Instagram, and now in Facebook stories?

It is a way to tell our story (or the one we want others to know), but its ephemeral feature does not bind us to the responsibility of  a message that stays visible on time; they are messages that expire, they have expiration date.

For example, if we post something at any time, and then we change our minds, how much would we care? In the end, it is an opinion that only will last 24 hours.

As Digital Natives, we like to have the power of doing Ctrl + Z, delete, and take back anything. We like to have the control on the information we consume and post. It is about managing the reality we expose before others, which not always is the “real” reality we live.

Truth is that adding stories may be an assured success for any platform, Instagram is the perfect example. However, we have to wait a little more to be able to analyze the impact of this function now available in Facebook.

Give us your opinion, would you use Facebook stories? or, do you believe it is too much?

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