B2B Marketing is in turn

Posted on Dec 08 2017

We already talked about Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Marketing, and we explained to you the business models that are developed in it. Now we will explain, how does Business-to-Business (B2B) work.

B2B Marketing is the one in which a company aims to sell its product or service to another company, not to a final consumer, since that company is the one that satisfies the needs of the final client.

Although having different objectives and several differences, B2B directly depends on B2C. While B2C seeks for many consumers, the products it sells need other products, which come from a bigger market provided by bigger companies. There are more final consumers and less companies. Wholesales are B2B, and retails are B2C.

The market of B2B Marketing is far smaller than the B2C, but, despite the first does not sell repeatedly as the second, its profits per sale are greater.

The B2B Marketing Achilles heel is the access to clients, which is more difficult, because the strategy is aimed to other businesses; this means, it must be a much more corporative and branding strategy, since this buy is completely rational, while in the B2C Marketing it is usually impulsive.

There is no infatuation to convince the client; your product must be as good as you offer it; there is no place for deceptive offers, or for stimulating an impulsive buy. You must offer your product or service and certify its optimal quality and effective operation; the sale will depend on that.

The best techniques for this type of business are the traditional ones, such as direct sales, trade shows, or email marketing.

Below, we show you a brief summing up of B2C and B2B Marketing, with their differences:


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