Conversation Calendar

Posted on Aug 17 2017

A binär optionen video conversation calendar is the best way to create, in an organized and strategic way, the “conversations” you will have with your audience in social networks.  Through this method, you can plan the content to be posted, and it is easier to be aligned with the strategy you created for your brand.

This kind of planning will help you develop a better content strategy, since it will be organized. It also will allow you to create content in a designed and strategic way. This method works 100% if it is developed jointly with brand الطرق الأ٠ضل لربح المال على الإنترنت metric analytics to evaluate which content has more reception and what days it does. This is an excellent way to grow organically.

opzioni LinchpinSEO, a wer hat erfahrungen mit binäre optionen Social Media agency located in Chicago, conducted a study about the main industries and the most suitable days for them to post in premarin horses for sale Facebook Publicity and Doctors’ offices have 69% more interaction on weekends. Automobile reaches 15% more reception also on weekends. Fashion has an excellent reach on Thursdays -13% more interaction. However, Saturdays are also good days for this sector.

Check This Out Mass Consumption Products, Saturdays and Sundays are the days with higher interaction levels. Wednesdays are also good. Thursdays show 9% less reach.

binary options earn money Leisure, on weekends is when it reaches the highest levels of interaction, with an average of 20% above the other days, and on Saturdays with a 17%. Finance, this sector has more interaction on Sundays with 29% above the other days.

kan man köpa Viagra i spanien Drinks and Food have 19% higher level of interaction on weekends.

video pubblicità bdswiss trading opzioni binarie General Retail Trade, Monday is the main day for this sector, with 19% of reach above the other days. However, it has good reception all days of the week.

my company Health and Beauty have more interaction on Sundays and Mondays, with 11% and 12% above the average. NGO’s also have excellent reception on weekends, including Fridays. These days they have 14% more interaction.

valutahandel bli rik Publishing, with no doubt, Sunday is the best day to get updated with news, so it reaches 5% more interaction than the rest of the days.

Sports, most of the interaction occurs on weekends, with 11% more interaction on Sundays.

Technology has 30% more receptivity on Mondays, second place on Tuesdays.

Telecommunication Companies connect better with their followers on Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays.

Tourism and Travel, from Thursdays to Sundays, there is a peak for this sector.  The last day of the week reaches 19% more interaction than the rest of the days.

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